Melissa Delzio
Independent Designer + Faculty at PSU, Former AIGA role: Design For Good, 2009-2013
Eugenie Jolivett Fontana
Digital Communications Specialist at RACC + Founder of We Are HERE, Former AIGA role: Programming + Community Outreach, 2015-2018
Martha Koenig
Freelance Art Director, Former AIGA role: Design For Good (Sustainability), 2011-2014
Martha Lewis
Designer + Faculty at Clark College, Former AIGA role: Education, 2015-2019
Anita MagaƱa
Graphic Designer at Dark Horse Comics, Former AIGA role: Volunteer + Recruitment, 2017-2019
Max Radi
Lead Designer + Digital Marketing Specialist at HERENOW Creative, Former AIGA role: Content, 2018-2020
Brad Smith
Founder and Creative Director at Hot Pepper Studios, Former AIGA role: Programming, 2011-2017
Ryan Smythe
Senior Designer at Axle Agency, Former AIGA role: Chapter Historian, Facebook, Web, Volunteer, dMob; 2003-2015
Tanith Yates
Design Team Lead at GuideSpark + Founder of Artist Eye, Former AIGA role: Partnership, 2017-2019