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by Erin Lynch
Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the true pioneers of the web. He is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most respected designers in the industry today. Designer and writer, Erin Lynch, talks to him about starting a studio, taking risks, and the power of reinvention.
Interviews · October 16, 2017
by Simon Sotelo
Portland's first Ladies Get Paid Town Hall was standing room only, with over 150 women coming together to learn from each other and discuss strategies for demanding a fair wage.
AIGA Women Lead, Events & Recaps · September 30, 2017
by Alicia Nagel
September's dMob focused on Resists, working with Visibile to bring together creatives to design for social good. Pins, posters, and conversation ignited a passion within our community.
dMob, Events & Recaps · September 29, 2017
by Marilee Sweeney
We visited local maker mecca ADX recently, and had a chat with founder Kelley Roy. Check out photos of this unique space and learn about our new membership discount for AIGA members.
Portland Muse · August 21, 2017
by Monica Mo
dMob dLux is AIGA Portland's premier dMob, bringing together designers and our greater community to chat, network, and be inspired.
Events & Recaps · July 31, 2017
by Duncan Lawrence
Oddfellows expanded to Portland in 2016 to build their team and create inspiring work and animations for clients like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.
Events & Recaps · July 29, 2017
by Duncan Lawrence
Events & Recaps · July 17, 2017
by Duncan Lawrence
Events & Recaps · July 17, 2017