Brandon Waybright
Content Committee

Brandon Waybright is a writer, educator, podcaster and the founder of super common design. With a background that combines UI/UX design, branding and illustration, Waybright’s work explores issues related to representation in design practice and history, multi-sensory and interactive technology, and community engagement through design. He has exhibited his work nationally including at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Form + Content Gallery in Minneapolis, and The Palm Springs Art Museum. Waybright is a frequent presenter whose experience includes presentations at SECAC, CAA, DePaul and Princeton University. Community-minded, his work focuses on future-thinking in the practice of design as well as using design to engage and empower communities. He has worked commercially in multiple design roles with a significant part of his experience focusing on web design and identity system development. His clients include Disney, Jack Johnson, Tim Burton, Azusa Pacific University, Epsilon Delta Labs, Princeton, North Carolina State and Northwestern University. Site: Insta: @_supercommon_