Open Position:

Equity & Inclusion Director

Time Commitment: 5 to 8 hours a week
Minimum Tenure: 2 years
Maximum Tenure: 6 years
Minimum Member Status: Any membership level

Overall mission:

The Equity & Inclusion Director follows and communicates national’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative and shares those efforts locally. The Diversity & Inclusion Director will champion the initiative to help encourage diversity in design education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of design in all areas of society.

The E&I Director works closely with the ALL BOARD DIRECTORS to develop and promote E&I programs, content and information into strategic chapter planning.

The Equity & Inclusion initiative was recently incorporated into AIGA Portland’s chapter with the addition of a E&I Director in 2017 and is still going through fundamental building as it gains a foothold and plants roots as a consistent offering by AIGA Portland. If you are reading this message, some work has been done before you and you should seek out that information in anyway possible as well as understand that you are absolutely responsible for the continued development of this very important initiative for AIGA Portland. When you are done, please update this document for the next person.

Additional Responsibilities include:

  • Continue to develop an Equity & Inclusion strategy with the board, informed by the community and the national tool kit
  • Participate in the national conversation and keep chapter board informed
  • Act as a go to resource for local members and non-members seeking E&I education and opportunities
  • Develop and maintain a Director’s handbook with pertinent information to handoff at the end of tenure to incoming Director
  • Educate and involve the creative community and greater Portland community in E&I efforts
  • Write and amend role descriptions for all committee roles
  • Document local demographics to be taken into consideration during chapter planning
  • Identify and educate how AIGA Portland can better execute on the E&I initiative
  • Update this job description before rolling off the board 

Recommended Programming Committee Chairs
(non-board members serving for one to two years):

  • BIPOC Hardware Grant Chair
  • Equity and Inclusion Chair #2

Desired skills, traits & experience

  • Experience developing and executing events that require managing budgets, developing communications, organizing people and speakers successfully
  • Experience developing and executing simple communication strategies to gain a desired result
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self motivated and independent
  • Strong networking skills
  • Ability to take high level goals and values and apply them to not so distinct role direction
  • Want to make a difference and contribute to something bigger than yourself
  • Adobe Creative Suite / / WordPress / / Eventbrite / / Basecamp / / Google Docs

Nice to have, but not necessary.

  • Have a business or creative network

Shared Responsibilities for Sponsorship & Community Outreach

  • Meet with/attend events of AIGA friends/partners
  • Create connections between AIGA Portland, other creative groups, firms, businesses, and other design-related organizations
  • Represent the AIGA mission to these friends/partners
  • Find opportunities for cross promotion/joint-events between groups
  • Create leads for sponsorship among partners
  • Update Sponsor/Partner database with contact info, sponsorship commitments (sponsorship level, logo placement, number of tickets provided, etc.)
  • Update AIGA Portland’s database of event vendors and venues as necessary
  • Making sure any marketing materials (logo, handouts, etc) provided by the sponsors or created by AIGA Portland are available for promotions
  • Making sure that the sponsors are mentioned at events and online, send Thank You notes

Application Icebreaker Question

  • Is there a special quote/message that inspires you? Who said it and where is it from?

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AIGA Portland whole-heartedly embraces diversity and equal opportunity within our organization. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Please contact us if you require specific accommodations and we would be happy to help.