Janet Gonzales
Newsletter Chair
Janet Gonzales is a UI/UX Designer at Start Studio and freelance designer. She loves working with startups and early stage companies on design and strategy. Prior to starting her design career, she worked in finance for 8+ years, working in operations, compliance and managing several branch offices in the West. She is so excited to bring her organizational and design skills together in this role as Newsletter Chair for AIGA Portland. In her free time she enjoys hiking, running, figure skating and spending time with her husband Blake and dog, Moose. See her website: http://janetgonzales.com/.
Cassandra Crawford
Social Media Chair
Cassie is an Oregon native who hates the rain but loves rainbows.  Over the past 17 years, she’s been a graphic designer, marketing manager, event planner, website manager, plus many other roles related to branding. She has worked for numerous national and local brands with a focus on non-profits. Cassie likes to use her skills for the benefit of the community and thrives by working with brands who focus on the welfare of children and animals.
When not designing, Cassie is partaking in one of her way-too-many hobbies – sewing, reading, drawing, knitting, paper craft, hand lettering, or playing video games, to name a few. You might also find her obsessing over some cool nature thing she just learned about (Google “Rosy Maple Moth” – how cool is that?!?). If you’re into pictures of food, dogs, and creative projects, you can find her on Instagram @sewcontrari.
Gianni Scarpino
Mentorships Chair – Education Committee
Gianni is a visual designer, writer, and creative problem solver who focuses on bringing narrative and research to visual design. She is currently a contract designer on the Xbox Research and Design Team. Prior to Microsoft, she spent the past six years focused on communication and visual design working with clients like Nike and Mural. Prior to digital design, she spent five years designing event with various event-design studios in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Gianni came to Portland in 2017 after attending Pensole Design Academy course and immediately fell in love with the city and creative community. She wants to become more connected w this niched community by helping individuals, at every career level, to grow and develop their creative careers. This is what brought her to join the AIGA Education Committee in 2020 where she helped to create the inaugural AIGA Mentorship Program. When she’s not working, she’s putting some miles on her running shoes, painting/doodling/writing, or keeping her plants (mostly) alive.   Portfolio:www.gianniscarpino.com IG: @gscarp