Charles Bergenstock
Twitter Chair, Facebook Chair
Charles is a freelance graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and has lived in three cities so far! Definitely a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Most days are filled with a wide variety of design projects. From simple web banners to full website design. Since he is a freelancer he is always working, you can usually find Charles traveling around the US visiting family and clients.
Demi Hanes
Special Events, Comittee Memeber
Demi is a Marketing Coordinator at one of the largest translation companies in the world. In this position, she has her hand in many different marketing tasks and is still learning new things every day. Demi came to the great Northwest from New Mexico, a vastly different landscape. Now, like the stereotypical Portlander, she loves beer, wine, hiking, CrossFit, hot yoga and her dogs (not necessarily in that order).
Jamon Sin
Photography Chairperson
A recent graduate from Portland State University, Jamon is a graphic designer residing in Portland, Oregon. His approach to creative work places an emphasis on collaboration and experimentation to create distilled, meaningful pieces. In between, Jamon enjoys capturing moments through the lens of photography and videography.
Elise Englert
Contenet Specalist
Elise is an illustrator and designer. She’s usually found eating pizza, drawing, KonMarieing her closet, or staving off a mental health crisis through copious amounts of exercise. She loves volunteering with AIGA as a way to connect with other designers, learn, and promote design as a tool for social and political change.
Melissa Gillett
Instagram Chair
Born in Eugene, OR Melissa is inspired by the psychology of design, and lead intuitively by her gritty, kinetic nature. Motivated by her desire to both satiate and inspire those curiosities alive in all of us, she believes creativity is capable of answering a lot of larger questions about life. We often ask ourselves about why things are the way they are, and how they got that way; she uses design-thinking to help her solve those mysteries one problem at a time. Learn more about her process at or follow her progress on Instagram at @_melissawho. In her free time, Melissa enjoys making people laugh, writing, cooking, volunteer work, and the outdoors.
Whitney Clark
Women Lead, Programming Committee
Whitney is a graphic designer, currently working in the digital brand space for Team Studio.  When not attached to her computer, she can be found at thrift shops, alternating between fiction and non-fiction books, and plotting her next adventure out of the city.
Sarah Lane Ferguson
Women Lead Co-Chair, Programming Committee
With a commitment to all things design, Sarah Lane Ferguson has experience in urban design, retail planning, and museum management in New York, Los Angeles and Portland. She has her own graphic design practice and is committed to promoting the importance of design and does so volunteering for Portland organizations dedicated to the cause.
Gracie Koester
Partnership Committee Member
Gracie is a thinker, creator, and geographer. She helps people enjoy their work--reaching greater reward, satisfaction, and thriving. Drawing on design thinking, business anthropology, social neuroscience, and ecosystem intelligence, Gracie illuminates pathways to bright futures. Weaving together the big picture and attention to detail, Gracie catalyzes organizations to achieve ambitious metrics and create the human conditions for success. Give her an unstructured day, and the outgrowth is likely to be an abstract quilt or custom leather bag, collected under the umbrella of Hikari.
Erin Lynch
Blog Contributor , Content Committee
Erin spends his days as 1/3 of the small design studio, Shop, teaches web design and user interface design at The Art Institute, Portland and works as the production manager for A List Apart magazine.
Jason Miller
Jason is a recent graduate from Orlando, FL. He currently works freelance as a graphic designer, specializing in print and branding. In his free time he enjoys photography, skateboarding and hiking (ideally all at the same time). Website:
Stephanie Ward
Women Lead Co-Chair, Programming Committee
Originally from Memphis, TN, Stephanie first became involved with AIGA while living in Jacksonville, FL. After five years of serving on their board as Membership Director, she said farewell to palms and hello to pines with a cross-country drive to Portland. Stephanie is currently the Creative Director at a digital agency called Station Four, and when she is not designing, she is drawing comics or writing.