Marisa Green
Women Lead, Programming Committee
Marisa is an art director and designer with over 15 years of experience. As an independent designer she collaborates with local and global companies on diverse projects from brand solutions to illustrations—doing business as Studio Danae. Marisa works primarily at Nike managing and designing internal program brands in Global Product and Merchandising Operations. Outside of her full-time and freelance work, Marisa creates fine art suspended cut paper installations based on geometry, pattern and spiritual connection. In her spare time, Marisa can be found hiking, gardening, collaborating on design/build projects with her husband and enjoying every second of being a new mother. Marisa has been an AIGA Portland board member since 2011. Follow Marisa's creative projects on Instagram.
Amanda Beemer
Career Tools Chair, Programming Committee
Amanda Beemer is a Freelance Strategist who is always on the hunt for gnarly problems to solve. Her mission in life is to help clients “do right” by people by creating user-focused experiences. A straight-up nerd, Amanda holds a Master’s Degree in Social Theory and is obsessed with understanding the evolving roles of work and leisure in modern, everyday life. Amanda is also a Portland transplant from Chicago who is a big fan of Design Thinking, waking at the crack of dawn to watch Premier League football, swinging from trapezes, and gardening alongside inmates at OCC.
Heathyr Davis
Women Lead, Programming Committee
Heathyr Davis has over 12 years of creative experience in print and digital media with an emphasis on branding. Her experience ranges from working in-house for IT companies, non-profits, private sectors, to full-time freelancing for a wide range of clients. In her free time she enjoys attending soccer matches with her daughter, exploring the outdoors, and seeing live music.
Sarah Lane Ferguson
Women Lead, Programming Committee
With a commitment to all things design, Sarah Lane Ferguson has experience in urban design, retail planning, and museum management in New York, Los Angeles and Portland. She has her own graphic design practice and is committed to promoting the importance of design and does so volunteering for Portland organizations dedicated to the cause.
Meagan Ghorashian
Education Committee
Recently a design student herself, Meagan enjoys learning about and supporting the aspirations of tomorrow's designers. Years ago college produced degrees in French and International Business Management but Meagan now puts all her energy and enthusiasm into her rekindled love of design. When not creating for clients you can probably find her joyfully adding to her copious design-themed Pinterest boards.
Heather Golan
dMob Chair, Programming Committee
Heather is a freelance designer and illustrator residing in Portland, Oregon. She earned her BFA at Oregon State University and an associates in AAS in Integrated Media, graphic design. When not working you can usually find Heather spending time with her family, reading, or crafting.
Darius Kuzmickas
Photography Chair, Promotions Committee
Founder of Real Color Media and Darius Kuzmickas Photography, has served as AIGA Portland's Flickr Director for several years, and is often seen photographing our events.
Duncan Lawrence
Blog Chair, Studio Tour Director
Duncan is a strategist with a focus on creating a happier, more accessible world through design. Prior to moving west to Portland, Duncan volunteered for AIGA Boston where he organized Design For Good events for their annual design conference, Design Exchange Boston.
Erin Lynch
Blog Contributor , Content Committee
Erin spends his days as 1/3 of the small design studio, Shop, teaches web design and user interface design at The Art Institute, Portland and works as the production manager for A List Apart magazine.
Matt Miller
Copywriting Chair, Promotions Committee
Matt came to Portland from Arkansas by way of New York. He loves that he gets to work with creators as an intellectual property lawyer. Beyond that, you can find Matt with his family or riding his bike as far as time allows.
Jason Miller
Jason is a recent graduate from Orlando, FL. He currently works freelance as a graphic designer, specializing in print and branding. In his free time he enjoys photography, skateboarding and hiking (ideally all at the same time). Website:
Alicia Nagel
Blog Contributor, Content Committee
Founder of Alicia Nagel Creative, Alicia is committed to developing brand strategies that fuel smart and efficient communications on behalf of the client. Nine years in branding and 13 years in design have only grown her passion for what she does.
Andy Portello
dMob dLux Director, Programming Committee
Andy Portello is a print and interactive brand designer with a focus in 3D retail environment and event marketing.
Peter Russo
Contributor, Content Committee
Peter is a UX designer and team lead. He started out studying printmaking, moved to freelance web design, and is currently researching the role of cognitive science in design and the process of building digital projects
Marilee Sweeney
Contributor, Content Committee
Marilee Sweeney is a brand strategist with a degree from Parsons School of Design in New York. She designs in the coffee and tea arena, and recently bent fate to move here, to the heart of Coffeedom. She currently designs retail & event experiences. She has a soft spot for non-profits, and loves to dig in as a volunteer. When she is not moving at warp speed, you may catch her sipping Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, or loading her surfboard for the coast.  
Stephanie Ward
Women Lead, Programming Committee
Originally from Memphis, TN, Stephanie first became involved with AIGA while living in Jacksonville, FL. After five years of serving on their board as Membership Director, she said farewell to palms and hello to pines with a cross-country drive to Portland. Stephanie is currently the Creative Director at a digital agency called Station Four, and when she is not designing, she is drawing comics or writing.