Demi Hanes
Special Events, Comittee Memeber
Demi is a Marketing Coordinator at one of the largest translation companies in the world. In this position, she has her hand in many different marketing tasks and is still learning new things every day. Demi came to the great Northwest from New Mexico, a vastly different landscape. Now, like the stereotypical Portlander, she loves beer, wine, hiking, CrossFit, hot yoga and her dogs (not necessarily in that order).
Brandon Waybright
Content Committee
Brandon Waybright is a writer, educator, podcaster and the founder of super common design. With a background that combines UI/UX design, branding and illustration, Waybright's work explores issues related to representation in design practice and history, multi-sensory and interactive technology, and community engagement through design. He has exhibited his work nationally including at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Form + Content Gallery in Minneapolis, and The Palm Springs Art Museum. Waybright is a frequent presenter whose experience includes presentations at SECAC, CAA, DePaul and Princeton University. Community-minded, his work focuses on future-thinking in the practice of design as well as using design to engage and empower communities. He has worked commercially in multiple design roles with a significant part of his experience focusing on web design and identity system development. His clients include Disney, Jack Johnson, Tim Burton, Azusa Pacific University, Epsilon Delta Labs, Princeton, North Carolina State and Northwestern University. Site: Insta: @_supercommon_
Alexandra Brennan
dMob Chair
The child of two Marines, Alexandra lived in 26 houses before graduating from high school. She joined Americorps NCCC in 2006 before attending UVM in Burlington, VT, bumming around Hawaii for a bit, and ending up in Portland, OR in 2012. She spends her days as a production designer and moonlights as an illustrator. You can find her art at and follow her on IG @alexandra_makes. She loves natural bodies of water, fancy dinners (dinners of all kinds, really), watercolors, podcasts, and a good novel. Oh, and she's been bitten by a bear.
Celina Coppetti
Women Lead Volunteer
Celina is a freelance designer and illustrator who's work revolves around food, plants, craft and travel. As a graduate of PNCA's Collaborative Design MFA, she is passionate about building relationships and connecting people to the ideas, skills, and passions that drive the. When not in her studio, you can find her eating pasta, sipping tiki drinks, at a barre class (thanks, pasta) or on a trail with her dog, Max.
Carrie Grant
Content Volunteer
Carrie Grant is a native Portlander, having spent the last 12 years in design working for non-profits and taking on the occasional freelance gig. She spends the majority of her time as the Brand Designer at the Children's Cancer Association, where she and her team work hard to elevate expectations for non-profit design work (and serve seriously ill kids in the process). When she's not working, Carrie volunteers with teens, watches and reads scifi/fantasy fiction, frequents local beer festivals, roots for the Timbers, and spends time with her husband and two dogs (not necessarily in that order). You can follow her infrequent Instagram posts here: @cuhry
Gracie Koester
Partnership Committee Member
Gracie is a thinker, creator, and geographer. She helps people enjoy their work--reaching greater reward, satisfaction, and thriving. Drawing on design thinking, business anthropology, social neuroscience, and ecosystem intelligence, Gracie illuminates pathways to bright futures. Weaving together the big picture and attention to detail, Gracie catalyzes organizations to achieve ambitious metrics and create the human conditions for success. Give her an unstructured day, and the outgrowth is likely to be an abstract quilt or custom leather bag, collected under the umbrella of Hikari.
Erin Lynch
Blog Contributor , Content Committee
Erin spends his days as 1/3 of the small design studio, Shop, teaches web design and user interface design at The Art Institute, Portland and works as the production manager for A List Apart magazine.
Michelle Roberts
Membership Committee Volunteer
New to Portland and currently freelancing as a senior graphic designer, Michelle loves to be a positive influence wherever she goes. Her love of typography and beautiful, functional design helps her with a wide range of both print and digital projects for clients. Born and raised in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, she volunteered for many years on the education committee for AIGA Minnesota. In her free time, Michelle enjoys painting, designing wedding invitations (, and jogging with her husband. Visit her portfolio site at
Sanjana Sachdeva
Women Lead Volunteer
A graduate from PNCA, Sanjana is a Creative Manager for a civil engineering company and has been in the industry for over eighteen years. When not working, she enjoys hiking, running, backpacking and staying off the grid enjoying nature and photography.
Etta Souser
Women Lead Volunteer
Elizabeth (Etta) Souser is a Web Designer, WordPress Developer, and Owner of Etta Design Co. She believes in leveraging technology to help women+ grow their businesses and make their voices heard.