Designers may just want to have fun, but at some point they must come face to face with the realities of technological, business and career challenges. Career Tools offers a wealth of valuable presentations and discussions that help you with just those moments.

What is Career Tools?

Career Tools is a breakfast series presented every quarter. It provides the Portland design community with practical and truly helpful information like developing client relationships, public speaking and presentation skills, managing your studio or freelancing business, and adopting new practices and process to deliver projects across any channel, including print, digital, interactive and video. Career Tools provides information you can take away and implement immediately to improve your company, career, and community.


Who speaks at Career Tools? 

Accomplished industry leaders and designers who know their shit and have developed practices that everyone needs to know to succeed.

When is Career Tools?

Career Tools is a quarterly breakfast series. Check out our events calendar for the next one.

Who supports Career Tools?

Our friends at 52 Ltd host the event at their studios. After you’ve enjoyed a bagel, coffee, and a great presentation, give the crew at 52 Ltd a high five for their support.


Need more info?

Check our event calendar and/or sign up for our weekly email bulletin. If you have questions, suggestions, or would like additional information, Contact us.


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