Launching Summer 2022

The Transparency Initiative seeks to serve both creatives and agency leadership by providing tools, resources, and support to help encourage DEI policy integration within Portland’s creative agencies.

Why The Transparency Initiative Matters

Currently, the majority of design agency owners and leadership lean white and male. Because of this, many other creatives in the industry lack equal access to opportunities to build their own design careers in inclusive spaces that foster safety and belonging. This limits their ability to build financial sustainability and generational wealth over time.

Creatives are demanding more action. They care about whether or not companies are embedding equity in their operating practices and policies, and look for those commitments when making career choices.

We want to help share that data. After all, we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.

Our Mission

The Transparency Initiative’s mission is to promote transparency within Portland’s creative agency environment around demographics reporting and DEI integration. We aim to assist creatives in making more informed career decisions about where they want to work, with a greater goal around creating more equitable social impact/systems within the creative industry.

We’re here for both parties – agencies and creatives.

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