Our Mission

To unite, educate and advance the Portland design community.

Fostering dialogue and cultivating relationships
Creating shared experiences and opportunities for collaborative engagement
Bridging the gap between levels of experience and expertise

Providing creative, strategic and professional guidance
Producing and distributing original content
Offering instruction, critique and mentorship in distinctively supportive environments

Delivering opportunities for professional growth
Taking a leadership position on design both nationally and internationally
Expanding the reach and role of design in business and society

Portland Design Community
Practitioners and students of design and related creative fields
Friends, fans and patrons of design and the visual arts
Clients, partners, sponsors and representatives of the broader Portland business ecosystem


Our Local Initiatives 

AIGA_WomenLeadWomen Lead  This new initiative develops AIGA’s commitment to empowering women designers and advancing the vital discourse on issues facing professional women today. The objective of this initiative is not to generalize or segregate women designers, but to recognize exemplary achievements and constructively address persistent biases and inequities.




Design for Good  AIGA created Design for Good to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for social change. As a movement to ignite, accelerate, and amplify design-driven social change, Design for Good creates opportunities for designers to build their practice, their network, and their visibility by supporting those who play a catalytic role in communities and create positive social impact.



Diversity & Inclusion  AIGA’s new Diversity & Inclusion Initiative aims to encourage diversity in design education, discourse, and practice to expand the future strength and relevance of design in all areas of society. The initiative approaches the issue of diversity in design comprehensively, considering race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and disability, age, and other factors that may shape creative perspective and professional experience.


professional-development-logo-150Professional Development  Through events, webinars, workshops, certificate programs, and national conferences with strategic partners, educational institutions, and program sponsors, AIGA members have personal and professional development opportunities to learn new skills, get advice on pressing career questions, hear insights from industry leaders, build leadership capacity, and learn how to manage more effectively.


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