Salvador Orara
Salvador Orara is an Educator, Creative Technologist, and Media Designer focusing on the impact of emerging and latent technologies upon the experiences of everyday life and the practice of design. As an Educator his focus is on developing ideation methods, creative strategies ranging from Lateral Thinking, Speculative Design, Design Thinking, and traditional design strategies, among other tactics and methodologies; with the foundation of enabling individuals and organizations to shape the practices of design into modular, malleable and transformative forces of disruption, innovation, and change. Salvador is the Innovation Professor of Practice & Director of Innovation Minor at University of Portland.  In his free time, Salvador spends time with his family and developing his experimental sound art practice. See my complete cv: Twitter: @salvadororara
Monica Mo
Vice President
Monica Mo is a visual artist, multi-disciplinary designer and creative director who resides in Portland, Oregon. She has worked and partnered with a multitude of clients and companies such as Adidas, Nike, Downstream, Swift, Big-Giant, and more. Monica received a BFA in Communications Design while at Syracuse University. She is a rapid idea generator and a critical thinker, and she has a passion for crafting experiences that leave lasting impressions. She brings these characteristics into her role as Programming Director on the AIGA Portland Board of Directors. In her free time, Monica keeps busy with side hustles which include: documenting outdoor adventures, riding her motorcycle and honing her guitar skills. Follow along with Monica’s shenanigans Site: Instagram: @i_am_monicamo
Jennifer Pantages
Jennifer is a digital and print designer, art director, manager, and project juggler with over 20 years of creative experience for high-profile clients. Data-driven and strategy focused, she specializes in both email and direct mail. She is new to Portland and freelancing with a diverse array of local businesses. Originally from Kansas, she made her way to Portland via Silicon Valley where she worked at eBay for three years. She earned her BS in Journalism from the University of Kansas. In addition to design skills, Jennifer brings a passionate sense of organization to her role as Secretary of AIGA Portland. Outside of AIGA, Jennifer enjoys traveling, sewing, hiking, knitting, video games, reading, and playing with her dog Walter. Follow her @jac0928 or see her portfolio at
Max Radi
Content Director
Max is a data-driven, strategy-focused designer with a passion for interactive storytelling and getting the right message in front of the right audience. After receiving his degree from the UO School of Journalism and Communication, Max started working for The Oregonian as a designer on the marketing team. Through his work at the largest and oldest journalistic institution in Oregon, he has cherished the responsibility of designing for a local brand that supports the community. Max has been volunteering at AIGA as the Facebook Chair since October 2017. Max is currently freelancing at, raising four beautiful chickens (he posts photos of them here: @maxradi) and trying to figure out why he signs up for relay races.
Marilee Sweeney
Special Events Director
Marilee Sweeney is a brand strategist and packaging designer with expertise in food and beverage branding. She devotes herself to illustration, color, and materials development at Gastronaut Design, and dreams in Pantone coated colors. Marilee joins the board in summer 2018 as Special Events Director, having served previously as a regular contributor on the blog and events feed. She received a B.F.A. from Parsons School of Design in New York, and won the Group Perrin Award for excellence in print design. Community building is the thruline for everything she does, and her recent work includes refreshing packaging for several grocery and foodservice brands, leading two successful water quality campaigns with Surfrider Foundation, and leading the League of Women Designers // IPRC risography event “Cross-Pollinate”. When she takes a break from designing, you may find her surfing with Babes on Waves, making mint juleps for her neighbors on the back porch, or night hiking up to Skyline Tavern. Follow her @gastronautdesign, and see new work at
Simon Sotelo
Diversity & Inclusion Director
Simon is a designer & illustrator who loves endless grey skies, rainy days, and karaoke. She has almost a decade of experience working in agencies and is currently self-employed, working under the studio name Weird Wonderful.  Simon is also a passionate community organizer. In 2011, she co-founded the L.A. Zine Fest, an annual event which helps unite Los Angeles’ large community of independent creatives, and provides them with an accessible platform to showcase their work. Since living in Portland she has helped the Portland Zine Symposium work hard to create better representation and intersectionality of BIPOC (Black, Indegenious, and People of Color) and QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color) in the Pacific Northwest. She is excited and eager to tackle Portland’s inclusivity elephant and provide underrepresented communities with safe spaces, resources, and opportunities for a successful creative career. LinkedIn
Lindsey Charlet
Design for Good Director
Lindsey is the Creative Director and Founder of HUB Collective, a design agency in Portland Oregon.  As the executive leader for all studio engagements, Lindsey charts the course for both creative and client services. Genuine curiosity about people fuels her striking leadership philosophy. Lindsey believes vulnerability is a crucial aspect of leadership that spurs creative growth by cultivating a more connected, engaged, and productive workplace.
Carrie Grant
Women Lead Director
Carrie Grant is a native Portlander, having spent the last 12 years in design working for non-profits and taking on the occasional freelance gig. She spends the majority of her time as the Brand Designer at the Children's Cancer Association, where she and her team work hard to elevate expectations for non-profit design work (and serve seriously ill kids in the process). When she's not working, Carrie volunteers with teens, watches and reads scifi/fantasy fiction, frequents local beer festivals, roots for the Timbers, and spends time with her husband and two dogs (not necessarily in that order). You can follow her infrequent Instagram posts here: @cuhry
Duncan Lawrence
Membership Director
Duncan Lawrence is a proud father, lucky husband, and founder of the digital marketing studio Bend. His professional focuses melds experience design with digital marketing, assisting clients to better understanding their communities and how to engage with them. Duncan's AIGA story started in Boston, where he volunteered for DesignExchangeBoston, working on the social innovation challenge. Since moving to Portland, he has worked on the content team and Studio Tours.  
Brandon Waybright
Education Director
Brandon Waybright is a writer, educator, zine-maker, new media artist, and the founder of, a cross-disciplinary studio with offices in Los Angeles, and Portland, OR. As an interdisciplinary artist and writer exploring issues related to design critical theory, multi-sensory and interactive technology, and community engagement through design, he has exhibited his work nationally including at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Form + Content Gallery in Minneapolis, and The Palm Springs Art Museum. Waybright is a frequent lecturer whose experience includes presentations at SECAC, CAA, DePaul and Princeton University. Community-minded, his work focuses on future-thinking in the practice of design as well as using design to engage and empower communities. He has worked commercially in multiple design roles with a significant part of his experience focusing on web design and identity system development. His clients include Disney, Jack Johnson, Tim Burton, Azusa Pacific University, Epsilon Delta Labs, Princeton, North Carolina State and Northwestern University. Site: Insta: @bgwaybright