Mike Biewer
Mike Biewer is a Senior Producer at Funnelbox, a video marketing agency and production studio. Mike graduated from the Art Institute with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation and has been working in the field for 10 years. Mike started with AIGA Portland 5 and a half years ago as the Interim Volunteer Director, moved into Programming, Vice President and now President. Mike is working hard to make connections and partnerships that will benefit the AIGA Portland membership and design community. He's always down to grab a brewed beverage and talk shop, so hit him up. Mike's favorite sweet spot is where project management, business management and small business intersect. When not working in creative, Mike enjoys the outdoors, building stuff with his hands, and board games.
Corinna Gelster-Borgardt
Corinna is the Creative Director at Metal Toad, a technology consultancy in downtown Portland. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BFA in Graphic Design. With over a decade of experience working as a leader and designer, she oversees and manages the strategic direction and day-to-day execution of the Design and UX department at Metal Toad. As the engineering company’s design visionary, she leads the Design and UX department in their mission to unite user-focused strategic design with meaningful experiences and business value. Offering a diverse skillset, she's adept at assessing the real “ask”, strategizing solutions, and motivating teams to deliver exceptional work. Yet Corinna considers her role to be about so much more — it’s about being a driven, empathetic, and positive leader who invests in her team, creates focus and alignment, and gets things DONE. In all endeavors, she brings a passion for adaptability and learning, keen visual skills, and due diligence from concept through completion. When not leading or designing, you can find her exploring the Oregon coast and local farmer’s markets, running, doing yoga, curling up with a great book, sculpting, or cooking for an impromptu dinner party.
Learn more at gelsterdesign.com or follow Corinna on Instagram.
Josh Barrett
Josh Barrett is a lawyer in Portland, Oregon that advises creative professionals of all stripes. As founder of CreateLegal, Josh makes legal advice on contracts, business, and transactional matters painless and understandable. Out of the office, Josh is an avid supporter of the Portland Timbers and proud member of its supporter group, the Timbers Army. In addition to singing and chanting in the North End, Josh helped establish and advises the 107 Independent Supporters Trust,the nonprofit financial engine behind the Timbers Army. Josh also helped found and serves as a board member for Operation PitchInvasion, a local 501(c)(3) that repairs and revitalizes soccer fields. Josh joined the AIGA Portland board in 2012 as Treasurer. Find Josh at CreateLegal, @pdxbarrett and @createlegal.
Salvador Orara
Content Director, President-elect
Salvador is a Creative Technologist, Interaction Designer, and Educator with a BFA in Graphic Design from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA and a MFA in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, CA. He is currently a Lead User Experience Researcher at the Oregon Software Technology Center, Jaguar Land Rover where he strategizes and develops future technologies and user experiences for the automotive industry. Salvador’s practice is rooted in the careful balance of human-centered principles, business, technology, and the creative hunch; to deliver meaning and value through thoughtful and strategic touch points within holistic experiences. An advocate for building and sharing knowledge and asking critical questions, he is a mentor and coach encouraging disruption, innovation, and change within organizations and educational institutions. His experience includes being the Founder and Creative Director of The Rare Studio: a design agency whose mission was to provide early-stage and established companies with design-driven services while educating the designers performing them. Seeking to become a design agency which thrived off the gaps of design education and design organizations. He holds awards with AIGA 365, AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers; and has published works with IEEE, Leonardo On-line, and the School of Visual Arts. In his free time, Salvador enjoys rock climbing, experimental sound art, and playing guitar. @salvadororara | salvadororara.com
Monica Mo
Programming Director
Monica Mo is a visual artist, multi-disciplinary designer and creative director who resides in Portland, Oregon. She has worked and partnered with a multitude of clients and companies such as Adidas, Nike, Downstream, Swift, Big-Giant, and more. Monica received a BFA in Communications Design while at Syracuse University. She is a rapid idea generator and a critical thinker, and she has a passion for crafting experiences that leave lasting impressions. She brings these characteristics into her role as Programming Director on the AIGA Portland Board of Directors. In her free time, Monica keeps busy with side hustles which include: documenting outdoor adventures, riding her motorcycle and honing her guitar skills.
Follow along with Monica’s shenanigans Site: monicamo.com Instagram: @i_am_monicamo
Eugenie Jolivett Fontana
Programming Director
Eugenie has enjoyed being in the creative world at every point in life. After receiving her BA in Theatre Arts from University of California, Irvine, she co-founded a forward thinking design studio. Her company worked with a wide range of industries, received awards from companies like Adobe® Systems and curated events and gallery exhibitions. Since living in the Pacific Northwest, working and managing Fontana Studios’ creative and business endeavours has been her focus. With more than 15 years experience in the creative industry, Eugenie is currently forwarding her knowledge with workshops through her business Gather & Garner. Eugenie spends free time exploring the west coast, watching documentaries, coloring books, summer pickling and living the PDX life.
Follow what Eugenie’s gathers on instagram!
Kyle Hinze
Membership Director
Kyle has always lived in the Pacific Northwest. He's a UX/UI designer currently working in Portland for Parliament. After earning a degree in Digital Technology & Culture from WSU he entered right into the agency scene. He wants to keep designing rad stuff that inspires people. If you find him at a coffee shop he'll probably talk about skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, video games, comic books or whatever else. Twitter: @kylehinze Instagram: @kylehinze kylehinze.com
Martha Lewis
Education Director
Martha Lewis worked for 14 years in advertising and design on the east coast, before moving to Portland. Starting out with a Bachelor in Environmental Design degree, she has since shifted her focus to academia: Martha began teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University, and in 2001 moved to the Middle East, where she was Assistant Professor at VCU’s satellite campus in Qatar, teaching in and serving as head of the Communication Design program. Since moving to the west coast in 2006, she has maintained a small design business while teaching communication design at PCC, Clark College, and PNCA. Now a full-time Associate Professor at PNCA, Martha is the Lead Faculty for Communication Design in the Design Arts Department.
Anita Magaña
Interim Volunteer Director
Anita is a graphic designer plus an ideator, "team captain", project manager, and brainstormer all rolled into one. She specializes in unique print and package design pieces for gaming, entertainment, and pop-culture companies. Originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area, she holds a BA in Film and Video Production from the University of California, Santa Cruz where she focused on set design and art direction. After moving to Portland she completed a two year AAS degree in graphic design from Portland Community College. When she has time you will find Anita in her kitchen trying out new made-up recipes, playing with her dogs, singing karaoke or reading a really awesome fantasy or sci-fi books. www.anitamagana.com
Maria Nocenti
Volunteer Director
Maria is a designer with midwestern roots. Making her way to Portland via Minneapolis, her passion for design stems from it’s ability to create joy and improve everyday experiences. She is currently a product designer, creating beautiful and easy to use interfaces for financial software. Outside of work, she enjoys being involved in the local design community and has been an active volunteer with AIGA since 2011. marianocenti.com
Simon Sotelo
Diversity & Inclusion Director
Simon is a designer & illustrator who loves endless grey skies, rainy days, and karaoke. She holds a degree in illustration from Otis College of Art & Design and regularly contributes editorial illustrations to a variety of magazines around the country. During the week Simon is having fun being a storyteller and digital designer at The Fiction Tribe.
In addition to being a visual storyteller, Simon is a passionate community organizer. In 2011, she co-founded the L.A. Zine Fest, an annual event which helps unite Los Angeles’ large community of independent creatives, and provides them with an accessible platform to showcase their work. Since living in Portland she has helped the Portland Zine Symposium work hard to create better representation and intersectionality of POC (People of Color) and QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color) in the Pacific Northwest. She is excited and eager to tackle Portland’s inclusivity elephant and provide marginalized communities with safe spaces, resources, and opportunities for a successful creative career.
Gillian Windisch
Promotions Director
Gillian Windisch is a Midwestern at heart, excited to now call Portland home. With 8+ years in promotions and marketing, she has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies in St. Louis, Chicago and now Portland. Gillian is the Division Director at The Creative Group, representing top-notch design, marketing, and interactive professional for contracts with companies and agencies around the Portland area.
Always down for an adventure – on the weekends you can find her, her husband Andrew and their 80 pound golden retriever road tripping to the coast, hiking the mountains or fly fishing some of their favorite rivers.
Tanith Yates
Partnership Director
Tanith is a brand strategist, art director and graphic designer with over 20 years experience creating visual communications for high-profile clients across numerous industry verticals. As the owner of Tanith Yates Consulting & Design, she integrates design thinking, consumer marketing, and brand development to create holistic campaigns that bring brand awareness, recognition and value for her clients. An advocate for building partnerships within the design community, she is a leader and mentor, facilitating discussions and strategies to promote innovation, organizational change and embracing the culture of design to transform corporations, creative teams, and communities. tanithyates.com