Creative Mornings: Jolby

When you form a partnership, everyone wants to be The Beatles; nobody wants to be an El Camino. Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols have struck that balance in Jolby & Friends. They spoke at the December 2012 Creative Mornings/Portland. If you need some teamwork inspiration, they have it in spades.

Among the myriad tips on collaboration they’ve gleaned from their years-long partnership, my favorites revolve around honesty and trust:

Even if we do this one thing, even if it’s just for fun, let’s be as open and honest as we can with each other. Critiques, designs, ideas—let’s not sugarcoat anything. And this was supereasy because we weren’t good friends yet. We weren’t worried about hurting the other person’s feelings.


JOSH: I want Colby to see everything thats’s coming out of my brain. Anything that goes into my book, he can see it and do whatever he wants with it because he may see a little nugget that could turn into something that I would  filter.

COLBY: At the end of the day, we both have the same goal in mind.

And there are these other two tidbits I want to remember. Watch the video for more context.

Don’t be a dick.

Ride the weird.

By Michael Buchino
Published April 29, 2013
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