Creative Mornings: Reuse

The March theme for Creative Mornings/Portland was Reuse. Andy Baio, XOXO co-founder amongst lots of other things, explains remixing and copyright in popular culture.

There is nothing weird or unusual about this. This is how all art and culture is made—by taking the works that we love and building upon the ideas of those people we admire. Nobody is immune here. The idea of the lone artist and inventor struck by lighting with an idea is a myth.

—Andy Baio

Remixes weren’t as widespread as they are today until two things, Baio argues: access to media and instant publishing. Of course, this is all well and good until copyright comes into the picture. Watch below:

Here’s one Baio’s excellent blog post on his own experience with Kind of Bloop: “Kind of Screwed”.

Also, Baio mentions Everything Is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson. Click that link if you know what’s good for you. And here are a few supplements to the conversation: Kill Bill Extended Look, The Matrix and Ferguson’s TED Talk Embrace the Remix.

By Michael Buchino
Published August 12, 2013
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