The Human Quilt Show

Art is not made in a vaccum. There is an unseen thread of influence and inspiration that connects each artist to the next. While people often create separately, they are all part of a larger context.

The Human Quilt is an ongoing effort by Travis Barron to document people who form the creative community of Portland and beyond. Through projected images of each artist’s work, the silhouettes of these individuals have been hauntingly brought to life in a celebration of their visionary talents.

On October 14th you are invited to enter a keleidoscopic yearbook of local designers, artists, and visionaries. 3’x4′ prints of each portrait will be on display at Beacon Sound on Mississippi Avenue. Music and drinks will be provided.

Wall-to-wall portraits of:

Aaron Rayburn
Adam R. Garcia
Anton Pearson
Ben Barry
Brett Stenson
Brittany Lynn Gendron
Caleb Coppock
Cassandra Swan
Ellen Wilde
Eric Nyffeler
Eric Reigert
Haley Ann Bradley
Jade Sturms
Justine Robinson
Karen Lee
Lea Loo
Nishat Akhtar
Orion Janeczek
Rob Lewis
Thomas Bradley

When & Where
Sat, Oct 14, 2017 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
3636 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227