PDXDF: We’re Only 60¢ Apart

Mail and letter writing have always been a reliable way for people to connect with one another, whether it's sending a note across town, or a postcard around the world.

Analog connections ask us to slow down and think. It’s these ponderous moments where letter writing and correspondence become more than the simple act of putting thoughts on paper. It asks us to consider the other person, organize our own thoughts and prioritize what it is we want to share, a meaningful one-to-one connection.

Meet. Make. Mail.

  • We’re Only 60¢ Apart will invite participants to gather and write letters. 
  • Free postage
  • Letter writing supplies; paper, envelopes, etc. will be supplied.

Typewriters from Ace Typewriter

Beer provided by Fort George Brewery.

About The Portland Stamp Company:

This event is hosted by The Portland Stamp Company. We make stamps the old-fashioned way. Lick and stick, pinhole perforated poster stamps on dry-gum-backed paper with a 100% foot-powered Rosback perforator. We make custom stamps, limited-edition artistamps, and also have a line of stamp products, including do-it-yourself blank sets all celebrating analog correspondence and a love of snail mail. The Portland Stamp Company is a Plazm project.


About PDX Design Festival:

PDX Design Festival is a week-long celebration of design in the city of roses. After several long years of isolation and virtual collaboration, Portland's creative community is back and ready to reconnect. Our inaugural theme, chosen by the AIGA Portland community, is connection and echoes these sentiments. This is a can't-miss event for all of Portland.

Events tickets are reserved for festival pass holders—get your all-access festival pass on the PDXDF website.

When & Where
Tue, Oct 4, 2022 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM PDT
IPRC 318 SE Main St #145 & 155
Portland, OR 97214