Wild: Portland / Justin “Scrappers” Morrison – “Stay Wild”

Justin “Scrappers” Morrison may be the most all-encompassing designer around – his work traverses everything from magazine covers to product design to ads. Companies like Wieden + Kennedy, Travel Oregon, Nike, MTV, Warner Brothers have all reaped the rewards of his boundary pushing ways. (If you missed the Hump! promo video, well… don’t miss it).  Scrappers WildAccording to Scrappers, “Good ads elevate the human conversation. Good ads remind me to go out there and live life to the fullest before it’s gone. Most ads remind me that there are new snack options at the store.”


We’re lucky to peek into the place where those good ads and great ideas begin. In this conversation, Scrappers will talk about how he sets out on each new creative project like a journey into uncharted territory. Among the topics he’ll share:


Get Naked – Be honest, be sensitive, and never hold back.


Be a Human Pocket Knife – Do everything and be prepared.


Never Polish Turds – Work with good ideas not decorations.


Robin Hood was Right – Outlaw thinkers are free.


Be a Folk Artist – Think genuinely crazy thoughts, and tell the truth as only you can say it.


So sign up today! If you miss it, you may never know how to keep your turds out of the story trail - and how to do whatever it takes to bring fun to the work table, and invest your work with as much creativity and coolness as you’ve got.

When & Where
Fri, May 16, 2014 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Union Pine
525 SE Pine St
Portland, OR 97214