The AIGA Portland Board is an inclusive group of individuals working to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force. We are constantly looking for motivated volunteers to help pursue our mission. Directors serve 2-year terms and are elected on a staggered schedule.

The Board plays a pivotal role in shaping AIGA Portland as a leader in the Portland design community and beyond. Serving on the Board will enrich your personal and professional lifeā€”Board members encounter regular opportunities to meet accomplished industry professionals and network with up-and-coming talent.

Membership is required to serve on the Board. If you are not yet a member, you can join here. Supporting level is recommended.

Should I become a Board Member (Director) or Committee Volunteer first?

Either one! You do not need past AIGA volunteer experience to become a board member. You just need a passion for leading and supporting our Portland Design community. Learn more about AIGA, our current Board and the committees in the Google Slide Deck below.

Board Member Qualifications

If you

  1. Live near Portland, OR to attend future in-person monthly Board Meetings (and post-covid events!) *We are open to discussing remote possibilities if you live in Oregon but too far to commute
  2. Can commit to a 2-year volunteer term (at 5+ hrs/week)
  3. Do (or will) have an AIGA membership at any level 
  4. Have a strong desire to support, educate, and uplift the PDX creative community…

Then you can become a board member!

Board positions are configured to suit the skills of the volunteer and needs of the chapter. At present, we are seeking Board Members for the following positions:

Open Board Roles

Read about each role and submit an application below.

(last updated Sept 29, 2021)


Have you been in a leadership position for AIGA or another non-profit board in the past? Are you ready to join our President in leading our board and become the face of AIGA Portland? Read More>


Do you have experience in the financial industry AND a passion for art/design? We need your help! From managing spreadsheets, taxes, insurance policies and more to sharing your brilliant new ideas and opinions on how we can improve our processes. Read More >

Resource Manager

Love helping others to stay organized? We need you! Come help us run our monthly Board Meetings, help plan Board events, and support the entire Board of Directors within their respective roles. Read More >

Equity & Inclusion Director

Are you passionate about contributing to the Portland creative community through diversity and inclusion efforts? Want to make a difference and contribute to something bigger than yourself? Lead our chapter’s Equity and Inclusion committee! Read More >

Apply Here

Please Email if you are interested in learning more before submitting an application.

Not ready to apply for a board member position but still interested in volunteering? Learn more about other volunteer roles on the become a volunteer page.