Open Position:

Partnership Director

Time Commitment: 5 – 8 hours a week
Minimum Tenure: 2 years
Maximum Tenure: 6 years
Minimum Member Status: Supporting

Overall mission:
The Partnership Director cultivates relationships with local, regional, and national businesses to secure in-kind and financial donations that fund chapter programs. This Director is responsible for contacting by letter, phone, e-mail, and in person all potential sponsors of AIGA Portland and assessing their ability and desire to support our organization, understanding what their marketing needs are each year. The Partnership Director works with the Treasurer, Community Outreach, and Programming Directors to assign sponsorship to events.

The Partnership Director supports and works closely with the Programming Director, Content Director, and Executive Committee to encourage and cultivate partnership and sponsorship for the various chapter efforts.

Individual & Committee Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintain the AIGA Portland Sponsorship Guide and update prior to the end of the year
  • Community outreach to potential new sponsors or partners
  • Maintain current contracts. Ensure that AIGA Portland is fulfilling all terms outlined in each contract
  • Actively update and maintain the Partnership and Sponsorship page of the AIGA Portland website
  • Renew contracts with current sponsors or partners
  • Actively engaging in opportunities to provide support for any partner organizations
  • Maintaining a database of current and potential sponsors and partners
  • Utilize the vast network of AIGA chapter leaders to share ideas and resources
  • Coordinating documentation of donations, invoices, and receipts with the Treasurer
  • Sending thank you letter(s) to sponsors after each event and donation

Recommended Education Committee Chairs

These are non-board members/volunteers (serving for one to two years) that we recommend you manage in order to be successful in the position.

  • In-kind Committee Chair

Desired skills, traits & experience

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated and independent
  • Ability to take high-level goals and values and apply them to not so distinct role direction
  • Want to make a difference and contribute to something bigger than yourself
  • Comfortable talking about money and negotiating deals

You need to know how to use most of the following programs

  • Adobe CC, Basecamp 3, Eventbrite, G Suite, Slack, and WordPress

Shared Responsibilities of the Board

  • Attend mandatory internal events, monthly board meetings, and retreats
  • Show up and represent at AIGA Portland events (we suggest attending as many as your schedule allows)
  • Proper personal time-management in order to complete the responsibilities outlined in this job description
  • Ensure sponsors and partners are treated well and represented at events and online content
  • Demonstrate understanding and proper-use of AIGA brand guidelines
  • Actively engage in communications and meetings with representatives from other creative groups, firms, businesses, or other like-minded organizations that will create sponsorships and partnerships with AIGA Portland
  • Be able to properly speak about what AIGA is and promote AIGA membership
  • Actively document processes and resources to handoff and onboard the next director in this position
  • Must properly represent the chapter and adhere to the AIGA Standards of Professional Practice

What You Get as a Board Director

  • An official AIGA Portland email
  • Access to AIGA resources, connections, and volunteers
  • Free attendance at AIGA Portland events
  • A seat at the table and voting rights during monthly board meetings

Application Icebreaker Question

  • What is your favorite restaurant in Portland?


  • An official Board Director is committed to serving a minimum of a two–year term. Board Directors are encouraged to continue serving additional terms once their initial two–year term ends. An individual can not serve more than three consecutive terms (a maximum of six years) on the board.
  • You are responsible for organizing and updating your process, contact lists, and work. These will become resources that you will use to onboard the incoming director prior to vacating the position.

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