Portland Design Month 2024

Weird by Design

Portland Design Month is more than a festival — it’s an invitation to see our city with new eyes. 

In the past, this event was limited to one week. This year, we’re excited to announce that it will run for a full month, featuring numerous events and workshops around the city by nonprofits, designers, companies, and you (our awesome attendees).

Whether you’re a designer, artist, student, or creative enthusiast, Portland Design Month is a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and create — all in the spirit of celebrating the weird, wonderful culture of Portland.

Bring your friends, your curiosity, your unfinished projects, and your favorite beanie (optional). Let’s connect and make some cool stuff. 
Mark your calendar:
September 26th through October 25th, 2024

We’ll be posting a call for participants in the coming weeks. Visit the Portland Design Month website to signup to receive more information and updates.

By Nicole Mors
Published April 1, 2024