Has Heart

Image credit: Amit Zinman, Amitzi Photography


In 2017, AIGA Portland partnered with Has Heart, a fifty-state traveling/working/living project tour in which one Veteran and one artist from each state collaborates to tell that Veteran’s story through art and design.

Representing Portland in the project, Artist, Rich Tu was paired with Veteran, Judith Burger. They met at the Blue Ribbon Studio on Nike’s campus to get to know one another and work on their collaborative design.

First they met for coffee and discussed Judith’s experiences. Rich learned that Judith is fiercely against apathy and she encourages others to speak their truth by being bold. Through her Veteran advocacy and work with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Judith began healing from her injuries by putting herself out there and speaking her mind. This sentiment inspired Rich’s design and was the driving force behind the collaborative piece.

Their final design was produced on a t-shirt and is available for purchase.

Learn more about Rich and Judith’s project and watch a short video of their design process on the Has Heart website.