Recap: dMob Holiday Waves & Member Spotlight

After two postponements, snow, and more snow, the dMob team finally launched AIGA Portland into the new year with our first dMob of 2017. Holiday Waves was held at The Wayback, a bar inside of the new Tanner Goods store. For our dMobcollab we had DJ @timothy.bee spinning soul/funk/jazz cuts; and special guest DON’T SLEEP, a lo-fi community of Portlanders, creatives, and all around badasses run by artist and art director, Tina Snow Le. DON’T SLEEP t-shirts were sold with 50% of the proceeds going to P:ear; an organization building positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation. Although I didn’t get a chance to buy anyone a drink, and DON’T SLEEP shirts were out of my size; I did get to meet some awesome designers and Portland shakers. That includes a small team of designers from Instrument (stay tuned for more about Instrument).  

Lastly, as part of a new content initiative we’re starting dMob: Member Spotlights; where our amazing content team mingles with the dMob crew seeking out a member to spotlight. Check it out after the images.

Photos by: Taylor Adkins @tayloradkins


dMob Member Spotlight:Amanda Meyer

How long have you been a member and what is your membership journey did your journey start in Portland?
I’m originally from Indiana, so I started my AIGA membership as a student at Ball State University in 2011. I’ve been a member since. (And a Portland resident since 2014.)

What is your favorite part about being an AIGA member and why?
Free design swag! But there are also some great, inspiring events with the opportunity to talk to all types of designers, and see how others in the field are using design thinking, and what they are making.

What is your favorite part about dMob? What’s the coolest thing you would like to see happen at the next dMob?
Getting to hang out and drink with fellow designers (also design swag). Would love to see more motion graphics or video design work, possibly even something performative or interactive.

Let’s get our design nerd on!

What is your favorite typeface?
It changes pretty often, honestly. Right now I love using a font called Big John, it’s a free sans serif I picked up a couple years back, great for headings. In serif fonts and for text, I’m really fond of Walbaum at the moment.

Who is your design hero?
Milton Glaser, for sure. I love how focused he is on concept. He’s incredibly intelligent and well spoken; besides loving his design work I really appreciate the way he discusses it, teaches about it, and the poise with which he carries himself.

Where do you get your daily design inspiration from?
Differs depending on the day. I use Pinterest a lot when I am looking for a specific object or style, and visit Print Magazine online and Hyperallergic for more general inspiration or articles. When I have time, I like to visit bookstores or the library to browse magazines and design or artist books.

Take a picture of your most precious design artifact: 
There are a lot of really great objects to choose from, but my most precious design object is a Tshirt I bought at a Ray LaMontagne concert with my Dad years ago. It’s been well worn, so obviously utilitarian, but I am particularly fond of it because it marks a shared love of music between my Dad and I, which we discovered after being separated for 5 years. I’m also pretty sure I met the designer at an AIGA conference in St.Louis, he’s done work for Ray and it’s his style, though I never got confirmation on this particular illustration. (Tad Carpenter, this is yours, yeah?)

What is your current title and where in Portland do you work?
Marketing Assistant at the Portland Community College CLIMB Center

Social media handles:
Instagram and twitter: @ammeyerdesign


By Salvador Orara
Published January 26, 2017