Recap: dMob – WHAT’S YOUR FACE? & Member Spotlight

May 2017. The first month of the year when a glimmer of hope returned to Portland as the sun graced upon our Vitamin D-prived bodies…and we celebrated—at dMob! Huzzah! And hey, we even built a clever interactive site just for it. We’d like to give a special shoutout to the staff at Produce Row Café for hosting, and also to DJ Anton for laying down the tracks at this event.

If you happen to be a fellow AIGA member in attendance at one of our dMobs, we want to to give you a fist bump and show our gratitude by highlighting you in our Member Spotlights. Look for it at the end of this brief recap!

Couldn’t attend this month? Let’s see what you missed.

AIGA Portland dMobPhoto by Abby Morgan

AIGA Portland dMob May 2017

AIGA Portland dMob May 2017

AIGA Portland dMob May 2017

AIGA Portland dMob - Produce Row

dMobCollabs: WHAT’S YOUR FACE?

For this month’s rendition of dMobCollabs we brought in FISK, a highly collaborative art and design studio, gallery, and publisher in Portland, OR. With the help of friends Kayla Mattes and Justin Seibert, this crew of creative minds branded and built an interactive quiz that generates typography-styled portraits based on designers’ personalities.

Here are the thoughts behind the project: Design is everywhere and everything. It defines our personalities in both obvious and inconspicuous ways. From the clothing we wear to the furniture we use, design impacts us with our every decision. How does design become you? How do you become design?

If you couldn’t make it out to this month’s event, you can take the quiz and generate your own custom image from a computer or mobile device at Check out some of the faces of dMob!




dMob Member Spotlight: Heather Golan

How long have you been a member and what is your membership journey? Did your journey start in Portland?

I’ve lived in Portland for almost nine years and first joined AIGA as a design student in 2015.

What is your favorite part about being an AIGA member and why?

Becoming a member of AIGA is an act of joining and being amongst a community of creatives. Also a perk is free swag…free stuff is always a plus!

You’ve been a volunteer on the dMob committee for over a year now. What is your favorite part about dMob? Anything exciting coming up you could share?

My favorite part of dMob is meeting new faces and socializing with other like-minded individuals. Pretty excited for our annual dMob dLux this July…it’s a free BYOTee screen-printing party!

What kind of work do you do?

I mainly work on illustrations and branding design for startups, small businesses, and non-profits.

Where do you get your daily design inspiration from?

My daily inspiration is usually drawn from Pinterest, books, and well…life. My two little ones at home are my muses and they can be quite inspiring at times.

Take a picture of your most precious design artifact:

Member Spotlight: Heather Golan

Not sure if I can really count this as my “artifact”, but I would say pencil and paper. I always start my work with a quick pencil sketch and a bit of brainstorming in my journal. As a visual person it’s a great way to organize my thoughts and it is an essential part of my creative process.

Where to Find Heather’s Work

Join the Mob

Want to be part of the action and help organize dMob? We are looking for volunteers, photographers, videographers and copywriters to join our team! Email: for more information.

For more pics of dMob: WHAT’S YOUR FACE visit our Flickr. Photos by Neil E. Gravatt.

By Monica Mo
Published May 25, 2017
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