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by Emily Jensen
Lisa Holmes is a graphic/web designer, author, outdoor enthusiast, and previous AIGA Portland board member. For over 20 years she has been co-owner of Yulan Studio, providing graphic design for environmental and outdoor recreation organizations.
by Emily Jensen
After a decade of friendship and two MFAs in Painting, Rachel Warkentin and Lindsay Jordan Kretchun decided to embark on a new adventure together, founding a handmade porcelain jewelry and homeware collection called Barrow.
by Dan Olson
Turning a passion into a business is a labor of love. We live for the bright spots, struggle through the pitfalls, and celebrate the successes along the way. For Ezra Cimino-Hurt who started Case of Bass, a custom speaker business here in Portland, nothing could be further from the truth.
Interviews, Portland Muse · July 6, 2015
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Interviews, Portland Muse · May 18, 2015
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Portland Muse · March 6, 2015
by Thomas McCracken
by Michael Buchino
Portland Muse · January 27, 2014
by Michael Buchino
Events & Recaps, Portland Muse · August 12, 2013
by Michael Buchino
Portland Muse · August 1, 2013
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News, Portland Muse · March 8, 2013